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[ENS] About 'Request Item' Service

[TesterKorea] Manager

12/11/2019 08:56:20 AM

○ About 'Request Item' Service

If you want an item that is not listed in our website, just ask the product what your are looking for in the 'Request Items' board.

We are going to add the item on the TesterKorea for customized service.



● Please leave basic information about your requesting product.

   1) product's formal name (including 'option')

   2) related URL(address) link (korean site available)


● Please check

   * If you write 'post title' as 'product's name', it helps us recognize better.

           example:  plz add (X)

                           Innisfree Glow Liquid Shadow Jeju Color Picker (O)

   * In case of not including upper 1), 2) informations, It could be delayed.

   * Basically, We are treating up to 3 of requests for 1 customer per day.
      If you leave too many requests, it may be delayed for a while for treating other customer's request.

      we hope your understanding.



○ About Price

* Total price include 15% of requested product price as a purchase agent fee. (can be modified according to policy)

* Total price include domestic delivery charge and it costs usually about 2,500~3,000 KRW.

* Prices are based on when the TesterKorea's product page created.

* Prices can be changed according to the seller's policy of website.

* If the price is different from actual sales website, please leave a new request message on the bulletin board.



○ About Product Inspection

When the product arrives at TesterKorea, we basically do process for inspection, but it does not mean to take charge of checking all defective products perfectly.

In other words, TesterKorea is not responsible about any defects that may occur when purchasing products such as clothes, shoes, and dolls etc.



○ About Refunds

If you want to refund for any reasons, the 'Request Item' will not be refunded because it is also not refundable in Korea-Shop we purchased.

(Amount to be refunded = Total purchased amount - 'Request Item' amount)

But, If there is no stock and can't purchase, 100% refundable.



○ About 'Out of Stock'

* We make purchases on the site the day after the order comes in, It might be out of stock at the time of purchase. in this case, we will notify to customer through CS team.* In the case of fashion and character goods, it is sometimes unstable stock condition depend on seller. please understand that it may not be possible to purchase sometimes. 




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