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< Payback Service >


Q) What is Payback?

A) At the beginning of each month,
you can get back a certain amount of money through MY-MONEY according to the purchase amount of order.


Please Check!
With the launch of Payback service,
Reseller grade's discounts will end on 31, Dec, 2019.





Q) How much can I get Payback MY-MONEY?

A) Total Payback MY-MONEY benefit is different according to last month's order volume.


< Payback Guide >

Total amount of last month : over 500,000 KRW → 10% MY-MONEY Payback
Total amount of last month : over 400,000 KRW → 7% MY-MONEY Payback
Total amount of last month : over 300,000 KRW → 5% MY-MONEY Payback


For example:
last month's order volume : 1,000,000 KRW
payback MY-MONEY you can get : 100,000 points


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The total amount is except shipping cost.



Q) When can I receive?

A) 1st day of every month (if the 1st day is a holiday or weekend, payback apply to the next day.)

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The first Payback will be paid on 1st, Feb, 2020.
(January's payback = receive on 1st, Feb)




* Important notice

- Reseller's discount on certain brands ends with the launch of the payback service.
  Reseller discount end date : 31, Dec, 2019.

- Payback benefits apply only to MY-MONEY.

- Payback standard can be modified according to policy.






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